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Stitches Embroidery was an early entrant into the laser applique market. We have had a Laser Bridge for six long years and continue to grow, learn, and create new ways of utilizing the machine to its fullest. One of the largest in the country, our laser bridge is 75 feet in length and stands above 31 embroidery heads. This gives us the ability to handle any sized order, large or small.

To our customers, applique is a way to reduce stitch counts (especially for large logos); lowering your costs, while offering a modern look to your product. There are many different styles to appliqued products and we are well versed in all of the industry trends. Customers can come to us with an idea and trust that we will know the best way to bring it to life. Our experience allows us to guide customers that are new to applique through the process with ease. Many are unfamiliar with the vocabulary, the process, and the materials that should be used to give the product the look you desire, so do not be shy about asking questions. We will be more than happy to answer them!